Kneece Investigations, LLC

Providing both Investigative Services and Private Security Officers

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At Kneece Investigations, we are aware that cost is an important factor in your decision-making process. We make every attempt to provide the best services to satisfy your investigative needs at the lowest possible cost. We provide a free initial consultation to determine the needs of your individual case. For both investigations and security services, our rates are competitive in the industry. We offer flat-rate fees for specialized equipment, such as GPS units and unmanned covert cameras. In some cases, we require a retainer fee to be paid in advance and any subsequent fees are deducted from that retainer. During your initial consultation we will be able to determine the appropriate retainer fee for you case based on the unique nature of the services you need.

If your investigative or security objectives can be acquired with the use of unmanned technology including covert remotely-operated cameras and GPS, the overall costs could be less. The use of specialized equipment reduces the number of man-hours involved, resulting in a more cost-efficient solution.

Our rates for our services can vary depending on your needs, especially as we continue to expand our footprint throughout South Carolina. Call us today at 864.445.3713 to schedule a free consultation.

NOTE: South Carolina law requires a written contract before services begin.