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Process Services

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We provide Process Service throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. This includes the service of papers for both civil and criminal cases. If the address of the person to be served is not known, we offer skip trace services to locate the subject so that service can be performed.

Service of Process rates are based on the geographical location of the address for service. Rates increase as the distance from one of our SC-based offices increases. We make up to three attempts to accomplish the service at the quoted prices. No more than two attempts will be made on the same date and they will be at least 2 hours apart. The third attempt, if needed, will not be made on the same day of the week of the previous attempts.

ALL attempts are per address. If we respond to a second address provided by the client or through skip-tracing, this will be considered a new set of attempts and therefore will result in an additional charge. An additional special circumstance fee will apply when the process server must be at a certain place at a certain time to effect service.

For service that must be accomplished within 24 hours, there is an additional fee.

Due diligence is our company policy with every attempt of service in order to keep your costs at a minimum. However, difficult to serve subjects may require surveillance to effect service.

Subjects known to actively dodge service are not considered routine and will require surveillance. Both surveillance and nationwide skip tracing can be quoted on an individual basis.

Payment terms are Net 30 to local attorneys only. If payment is to be made by a third party or an out-of-town attorney, payment in full must be rendered when civil process is picked up, mailed in, or electronically transmitted.